ComLab™ is a cost efficient highly integrated development environment (IDE) that enables a system designer to rapidly build, configure and evaluate in real-time the performance of complex telecommunication systems. It is comprised of a Xilinx FPGA based board for the real-time HW emulation, a sophisticated application SW with interactive GUI capabilities for configuration, control and monitoring purposes as well as a rich portfolio of highly optimized telecom subsystem silicon IPs. ComLab™ platform is ideal for proof-of-concept rapid prototyping as well as an intuitive educational tool for engineers.
ComLab platform can be used in a variety of applications, including:

► Fast and efficient modeling and development of complex telecom systems.

► Proof-of-concept rapid prototyping.

► In-circuit emulation.

► R&D telecom engineers training.

► Educational tool for universities.

► Low-volume production.
► Rich portfolio of silicon optimized telecom subsystem libraries.

► Fully configurable system parameters.

► Sophisticated application SW for efficient real-time performance evaluation and configuration.

► Supports graphical display capabilities of key characteristics such as BER vs SNR graphs, BER In vs BER out graphs, Eye-Diagrams, Constellation Diagrams etc.

► Results are displayed in both graphical and tabular formats with print out, save and load capabilities.

► Can operate in a stand-alone mode or in an in-circuit emulation mode.
BER vs SNR Graph
The ComLab™ System
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