Noesis Technologies is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company that specializes in design, development and marketing of high quality, cost effective, advanced communication IP cores and provides expert ASIC/FPGA design services in telecom area.

Our mission is to provide a complete portfolio of telecom IP cores that will enable our customers to meet their design requirements in terms of function and performance, their expectations in terms of quality and service as well as their time to market goals.

Noesis is particularly specialized in Forward Error Correction technology and its portfolio of FEC IP cores includes Reed Solomon Codecs, Viterbi Decoders, Turbo Product Codecs, Turbo Convolutional Codecs, BCH codecs, Interleavers. The offered IP solutions are fully configurable and can be used in any telecom technology that requires FEC. The company offers a broad range of architectures optimized for speed, area and power dissipation as well as customized versions tailored to specific customer needs. In addition to the complete suite of FEC IP cores, the company offers a range of silicon proven cores in the areas of encryption, networking, source coding and modulation. Our IP core products have been developed using state-of-the-art design methodologies, rigorously simulated and at-speed verified in our FPGA based prototyping development boards.

The company's management team is comprised of telecom industry experts with an impressive track record of successfully delivering complex IP blocks, ASICs and SoCs to its customers. Our talented engineering team has broad technological expertise in the areas of Digital VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Telecommunications and Embedded S/W Development. Noesis Technologies continuously invests in its human resources capital by participating in research programs of emerging technologies.

Noesis Technologies is an export-oriented company and has its principle operations in the city of Patras, in Western Greece. Its customer list includes large U.S.A., Canada, European and Taiwan based companies active in telecom and defense sector.
Company Overview
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