Noesis Technologies offers an extensive library of signal processing cores. Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT) are very common in OFDM based wireless applications as well as in many other telecom applications. The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm provides an efficient method for DFT computations in real-time applications.

Noesis has developed a fylly configurable FFT/IFFT processor that provides SoC designers with a range of high performance FFT cores for various target technologies and application requirements. The ntFFT IP Core employs a revolutionary parameterized architecture where the user can fine tune the level of data-path parallelism in order to achieve the optimum trade-off between silicon resources and throughput rate. A wide range of FFT lenghts from 8-point to 8K-points is supported. Support for any power of 2 higher than 8192 is also supported due to fully generic architecture.

Noesis offers state-of-the-art components used at PHY level of a transmission system. Our soft output demapper receives the equalized complex samples and converts them to a bit stream with soft output information associated with each bit. The probabilistic information is generated based on LLR computations. The core also supports multiple PSK and QAM modulation levels and programmable number of soft bits. In addtion Noesis offers customized IP Cores in the areas of channel equalization, channel estimation and synchronization.

Noesis Technologies ntOFDM_BBP is a custom baseband processor, which implements the physical layer of an OFDM, time division duplexing (TDD) system. The baseband processor includes both transmission and reception bit-level and symbol-level processing chains including a sophisticated synchronization unit. The host interface is based on SPI protocol as well as with handshaking/interrupt ports. This custom system implements a subset of 802.16d standard func-tional options/features and is highly configurable via the integrated register-file. An RF interface module is also included, compatible with Analog Devices AD9361 RF transceiver.

The ntG3_BBP is a fully compliant ITU-T G.9903 baseband modem that can be used in a wide range of smart grid applications over power lines, including smart metering and energy management in energy generation and distribution systems, lighting and industrial automation as well as automotive EV charging. The ntG3_BBP IP core main functional blocks are the transmitter, the receiver, the register file, the AHB-Lite wrapper and the analog front end interface. The user accesses the core via the AHB interface to either program the register file or provide payload data to the core. By programming the register file the user sets a specific functional mode of operation, requests the ntG3_BBP to transmit a data or acknowledgement PHY frame or accesses remotely received control information.

Digital Signal Processing IP Cores
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